Monday, October 15, 2007

Betty's Wall (2007)

This is a painting I finished this weekend. At least I think it's finished-- but the house in the background is awfully bright.

Betty's Wall


Anonymous said...

I'm no art critic but the house in the background is not the first thing I noticed when I looked a this painting.
The first thing I saw was the wall, then the water, then the plants and trees and then the background house.
To me the background house is not too bright, in fact it seems to be in nice balance with the other objects.

Nat said...

I see your point, but I ended up going in and toning it down a touch. It was popping out in front of the trees in front of it-- in part because the white was bright, in part because the line was so sharp. The photos put you at a disadvantage. The colors are always a bit off, the saturation can be tricky, and light reflecting off of textures can change the appearance.