Sunday, October 21, 2007

Muddling Around

So far this weekend has been entirely unproductive as I psych myself out about whether my art is marketable. I'd like to enter some pieces in the small art competition, but my art is sooo conventional that I can't imagine they'd be of interest in a hipster wannabe enclave like DC. Not that there's anything wrong with being a hipster wannabe. My work used to be quirky, but that fell off the back of the truck in my 30s.

Yesterday I went out to the "Dig" opening at H&F Fine Arts, as promoted by J.T. Kirkland over at the Thinking About Art blog and curated by Fallon and Rosof from works of Phillie artists. I like the idea of a local mid-Atlantic art scene between Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC, because it seems more approachable than the big NYC extravaganza. I had aspirations of introducing myself to all these bloggers of whom I had read, but I got cold feet and ended up just lurking around for a while looking at the art. Plus I couldn't tell who was who. I'm not really sure the Phillie crowd made it-- I overheard someone mentioning how lost visitors were. H&F is a nice space, but it is a little off the beaten track in a transitional suburban neighborhood. The work was an interesting variety, but totalled only about 15 or 20 pieces-- a couple of pieces each for the six or seven artists. How can I possibly fit into a scene like this? Because I don't see myself fitting in to the glicee-reproductions-of-my-landscapes scene either. Tortured misunderstood artist, that's me.