Friday, November 9, 2007

The Parts of My Dog 7 (2007)

So applications for the 12x12 Show for small works at Todd Gallery, juried by genius and noted critic Dave "Meatgrinder" Hickey, have to be postmarked by November 12. We're away this weekend, but I figured I'd have a little time on Sunday evening to finish up any paintings and put the application together to mail on Monday. Then yesterday morning I figured it out. Isn't Monday Veteran's Day? Don't post offices close? No postmarks!

Thank goodness I figured this out yesterday so that I could scramble to finish this painting, take last photos, and get my packet in the mail today. I wouldn't want to miss the chance to be shot down by a genius.

The Parts of My Dog 7


Veronica said...

Hurray for handsome Pappy paintings!!!

Good luck on the show. Let us know how it goes.