Thursday, November 1, 2007

Truly Priceless Postcards

Okay, I've accumulated a pile of paper scraps and a sheet of postcard stamps. In honor of Nablopomo, this month I'm going to do some postcard art and post it here.

Here's where you come in. To win the free postcard be one of the first six people to leave a comment on the post with the postcard, following that with an email to doingart-at-gmail-period-com identifying your comment and providing a delivery address (I promise no funny business with your personal info). One comment per customer. The big winner will be randomly selected via yellowed Monopoly dice from the first six or less commenters after an interval determined by when I am heading to the mailbox. Sorry, but no delivery addresses outside the US.

If your dog chews everything that comes through the mail slot, he's going to love this.

I've been getting some secondhand reports from friends that they are having difficulty leaving comments. If you are stumped about commenting, just send me an email to the above address and I will add your name after the commented entries when I roll the dice. The comments are just to help create some order to the entries.