Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Picking Out The Pieces

I'm busily preparing frames and mats for my application to a local juried show for this Saturday. I have to pick from several of the dog paintings. Sadly, I used two of my favorites in an application for a different show, and I haven't done many I am as excited about in recent weeks. I am picking from PoMD 2, PoMD 3(the left hand half), PoMD 8, PoMD 9, PoMD 10, and would welcome any feedback on your top selections. I am trying to finish two others this week, but with framing I am rapidly running out of time.

Over the past weeks I've been reading several art marketing books, currently Caroll Michel's How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist. As I was reading last night, she takes a fairly dim view of the benefits of juried shows. The idea that they both collect entry fees from all applicants rather than just the selected entrants, and additionally may take a commission of any sales could rub an artist the wrong way. It's a fairly expensive way to get a bullet on your resume, and there will be minimal publicity for the individual artists.

In the case of the show I am applying to, I am a little (just a little) sympathetic with this gallery since they are an artist's coop gallery in downtown DC, and I am sure they have big rent bills and tight margins. Plus I'm at a point where I'm happy enough to apply just to give me some goals for my work.


Mary Klein said...

My top three picks of these five would be 10, 2 and 9 - in that order.

I recently ran across a post on Lisa Call's blog regarding juried shows. You might find the information there of use. You'll also find a link there to many artists' personal accounts of juried shows in the comment section of Edward Winkleman's blog.

Nat said...

Thanks for the picks, and the pointers to Lisa's blog. Though I don't feel like I know alot about fabric arts, she seems pretty insightful. I don't expect I'm going to spend long focused on juried shows.

Jonna said...

My three picks would be 8, 9 and 10.

I will be following your quest with interest. I also am (or was until Nov 16th - outsourced...) in Information Technology and an artist. Started selling my artwork a few years ago and it's getting better every year.

Also have a dog that looks a lot like your Pappy. Maxine is a 1/2 German Wirehaired Pointer 1/2 Black Lab.

Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Nat: I agree that juried exhibits have a place in an artist's early career. They are comfortable places where you can introduce your art in a sea of other artists. But then you want to stand out! Look for the best juried exhibits with the best jurors. Good luck!

3dogcache said...

Hey Nat,

I like all of 3 the best, and then probably 8 or 10.

Good luck, 3dogs