Sunday, December 9, 2007

Will Draw for Links Card 4

Johann the DogDemonstrating that I haven't shut down postcard production altogether, here is a "Will Draw for Links" postcard for Johann. I kind of like the crazed look. If I still owe someone a postcard, please let me know... I'm not terribly well organized as these things go.


Johann The Dog said...

Hi Nat!!! Wow, that crazy look is sooooo me! You captured my personality very, very well. Thank you so much. We really like it.

Happy Holidays to you!

Woofs, Johann

Anonymous said...

That´s amazing ... very nice Nat.
love your work

Merry christmas

Johann The Dog said...

Hi Nat! We got our postcard today, thanks so much - we really love it and are receiving lots of compliments thanks to you!

Woofs, Johann

Nat said...

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your efforts at promoting the blog.