Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back Beach (2003)

There's one important lesson I must never forget. Never, never, never... no, wait, always photograph a painting before it is framed. These are paintings on paper framed under glass, and I am not psyched to pull them all apart to snap a pic. I used to despise shooting slides back in the old days, but there is no excuse in the age of digital photography for not capturing some record of my work. Even with a mediocre digital photo I can rotate it and tweak the white balance and get a reasonable facsimile of the painting. I was even told that places like Kinko's do large format scans cheaply, but maybe that is overkill.

With this dismal photo I was futzing around trying to take a picture in a dark room at an angle to avoid reflections off the glass, but still ended up with reflections off the paint and had to fiddle with keystoning. I've been hounding a guy at work who took photos of a bunch of my pieces before they were framed and put on exhibit at the office, but he's crazy busy. I don't even like the frame this is in, but hate reframing even more.