Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gutting The Blog

After barely a week I decided I wasn't all that excited about this blog's design. I wanted a cleaner look that I could integrate better with a separate home page, so I pulled apart one of the Blogger templates, bumbled my way through CSS, and studied a beautifully simple design by Andreas Viklund. After seeing the fruit of my efforts, I feel so, so... eh, it's kind of dull. I'll keep working at it.

I came across a provocative article about art communities on the internet. To paraphrase, the author tars Facebook and similar social networking sites as a time sink for artists actually trying to sell work. A better marketing opportunity is a personal art site with a small community of visitors more expressly interested in your work. I seem to have stumbled into his idea of a decent approach, if I ever decide I'm actually trying to sell anything. For now I'm happy if I can just get into the routine of thinking about and making art.