Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Priceless Postcard #16

This weekend I picked up a watercolor set while buying some art supplies. A few years ago I colored some sketches with a grocery store set, but I really haven't used decent watercolors for a million years. They are kind of fun.

If you would like to win this postcard, enter by commenting on the post and emailing a delivery address, just like it says here.

Stacked Apples


FleasGang said...

Hey Nat. Just checking in to make sure you haven't fizzled out! The finish line for nablopomo should be in sight by now :-)

Happy Thanksgiving! And we'll throw our hat in the ring for this watercolor, of course.

The FleasGang

Kim said...

I especially like the red layer on the top apple, nice color work.

Greedy, not yet... developing an addiction, maybe... adding my name to PP#16, you bet.

Nat said...

Okay, I'll roll the dice-- odds or evens. And it's a five. Odds it is. Fleas, apples seem to be lucky for you. You should give that some thought.

Sequana said...

Just beautiful. I'd love to have it to display.

Nat said...

Sorry Sequana, this one is in the mail to Fleasgang. But if you are interested in another feel free to comment.

FleasGang said...

The apple gods are on our side! OK, that's two wins for us so we hereby declare ourselves out of future runnings so others can enjoy your work (unless a really cool Pappy sketch comes along) ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Jason and the FleasGang

Leah said...

hey thanks for joining in aedm while you were on the nablopomo run! i enjoyed seeing your postcards (this one is gorgeous!) and i agree about the experimenting bit. it's good to let go.