Monday, November 5, 2007

Priceless Postcard #4

Mixed VegThe latest free postcard art is a teeny tiny painting of some frozen mixed vegetables. Seriously, if the painting were much smaller it could be the stamp. If you would like to receive this postcard, leave a comment and email your delivery address as per the instructions here. Too late for this one? The third postcard is still looking for a home.


Veronica said...

I always love a bag of frozen vegetables. Do I win? Do I need to send my address again?

I can has postard?


megin said...

Tryin' this one!

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

I'll try again as well.

Charlie said...

We're waiting for the postcards that feature Pappy!
- Charlie

Nat said...

Okay, I've got the Yahtzee dice and cup. I'm tossing it... and it's a two. Megin is the big winner. Woohooo. Keep trying everybody, and a card will surely come your way.

megin said...

Cool! Lookin' forward to it.