Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Priceless Postcard #10

Parts of My Dog Sketch 2Here's another of the postcards from my plane ride this weekend. If you'd like a sketch of my dog's eye, just leave a comment and email a delivery address just like it says here. And if you would rather have a sketch of my dog's tail, this one is still up for grabs.


Veronica said...

Mine! Okay, maybe mine? Please?


"Sunshine" said...

Awesome I'd love one!!

I'll E-mail my address later today. Gotta run at the moment.


Becky said...

ooh, yes yes! i want!

Anonymous said...

I'm game. Postcards are always nice to give and receive!

Nat said...

Okay, this one calls for the Yahtzee dice. The dice is rolled and... it's... a... three! After losing yesterday, Becky's got the thrill of victory after the agony of defeat. There are more coming everybody.

Rick said...

So interesting to me that you're doing art on your plane ride. That's exactly what I do. In fact you can see some of my "airplane art" on my blog from a recent trip I took. I do enjoy your work. My art is less serious.

You should have named your blog something strange like mine - my list comes up first in google - must not be a lot of organized doodling going on out there.